1. Law-Abiding Citizens Do Not Need Assault-Type Rifles
    1. The writer’s claim in this article is that assault rifles are not necessary for citizens to own. One piece of evidence he uses to support this is that one of the only uses for assault rifles is going to “practical shooting” courses, a realistic environment where participants aim and shoot at human silhouettes. According to the author, Truscott, these courses are disturbing and “eerily” similar to courses he took in the military. He says that serial killers have been known to go to these courses. If the only use of an assault rifle – other than actually murdering people – is mimicking or practicing murdering people, there is no reason that citizens should have them.
  2. A Ban on Assault Weapons Would Not Reduce Crime
    1. In this article, the author, Marino, states he believes that assault weapons should not be banned. His reasoning is that semi-assault rifles are different than fully-automatic rifles, which are used in the military. He claims that they are no more powerful than other guns. Marino says banning semi-automatic rifles would not reduce crime rates.

I believe that there should be a ban on all assault rifles. If Marino’s statement is true that semi-automatic rifles are no more powerful than other guns, why do we need them? It is a safer option to ban them anyways. They might not be significantly more powerful than other guns, but they do automatically reload. Regardless, they are used specifically for killing – unless you are a murderer, you should have no use for a semi-automatic. If you need a gun for self-defense, a handgun will work just fine – especially if Marino is correct in that they are equally as powerful as semi-automatics.

Transition Sentences:

  • Some people believe that there is no point in banning semi-automatic rifles because they aren’t powerful, and although this may be true, they are still created with the purpose of killing or practicing killing.
  • Since semi-automatic rifle owners utilize them to imitate the action of killing people, all automatic rifles should be banned to discourage such behavior.
  • Semi-automatic guns may be equally as powerful as common civilian-owned guns, however, they automatically reload, faster than the other more common guns, meaning they are more effective for killing multiple people and should be banned.

Concessive Clauses:

  • Despite claiming that semi-automatic guns are not powerful, and that common guns work just as well, Marino still believes he needs a semi-automatic gun and thinks they should not be banned.
  • While it may be true that a weapon is necessary for self-defense, a semi-automatic rifle is not.
  • Since semi-automatic weapons were originally created specifically for military use, they are crafted to effectively kill multiple people in a short span of time, making them unnecessary and dangerous for any civilian to own.

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  1. Megan 1 week ago


    This post is very insightful! It is clear that you have thought out what you are talking about and done outside research! ” If Marino’s statement is true that semi-automatic rifles are no more powerful than other guns, why do we need them?” I loved this part of your post because it shows that you interpreted the article then took time to think on the issues before responding. Plus, so true about not needing a semi-automatic gun unless you are a murderer! What do you think the next steps in banning semi-automatic rifles will be?

    I can’t wait to see what further research you do on this topic!

    Megan McCoy

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