Over the last couple of years we have seen a massive growth is our oceans trash and specifically the plastic. The trash is affecting our oceans animals and putting there health in danger. “Plastic has been found in more than 60% of all seabirds and in 100% of sea turtles species, that mistake plastic for food.” And this doesn’t just affect the animals of the ocean. It is affecting everyone on the planet and everything we share our planet with. 

Studies show that over the next ten years, plastic companies will double. This just shows that our plastic problem is just going to get worse and worse if we don’t do anything about it right now. “Every year, 8 million metric tons of plastics enter our ocean on top of the estimated 150 million metric tons that currently circulate our marine environments.” It’s clear that there is a problem with the plastic in our oceans and there doesn’t need to be any more evidence to prove to the public. We need to make a stand.

We need to start showing the public this problem and making them aware of it. Then to start finding solutions for what we can start doing now to help the oceans and to start taking the trash out of our oceans, and keep it out. It’s our world that we need to take care of. The ocean affects everyone, and if we killed our ocean, it would have a massive effect on people all around the world. So take a stand and save our ocean.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Plastic in our Worlds Ocean by Cam is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Riley 3 months ago

    Good job Cam, I think that this is a great message to get out to the people. think that people don’t get the full idea of what they actually do to our oceans.

  2. Kathryn 4 months ago

    I think this is a great post about the environmental effects of plastic in the oceans. Like you said, it is important to do something about this issue before it becomes too late. On that note, I would like to ask if you have looked at or read any articles that propose possible solutions to this threat. “We need to start showing the public this problem and making them aware of it”, I agree, but not only should we become aware of the problem; it is of utmost importance to have a viable solution that will be effective in reducing or eliminating plastic waste from the global ecosystem. Here I have linked an article that presents various solutions:

  3. Raynise Corion (Rayne) 4 months ago

    Great article Kevin! I have been trying to recycle but people keep telling me that its a waste of time. They don’t get the importance of it I guess.

  4. Riley 4 months ago

    You go Kevin get the message out to the people.

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