One of the most popular vape pens, the “juul” is being overflowed by kids and teenagers. According to 2019 Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, what makes the Juul so popular is, “They are sleek, high tech and easy to hide… Juul comes in flavors that appeal to youth, including mango, fruit, creme, mint, menthol and cucumber. Research shows that flavors play a key role in youth use of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes”. Considering all of this, each Juul “pod” (cartridge of nicotine liquid) contains as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. Therefore, The appeal to the youth combined with the high nicotine concentration is leading to major health problems.

As the vaping epidemic spreads there are more health issues arising. There are more and more cases being published day by day caused by vaping. According to WebMD Health News,  “The most common symptoms of vaping include; shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue and vomiting.” Because of this, The FDA is planning to create an enforcement plan to prevent these products from reaching the hands of teenagers and children. 

The FDA is launching a new campaign, “ The Real Cost” to reach the younger age group that is mostly getting affected by this epidemic. Ads are being put into social media including, Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat to catch the eyes of teenagers. The FDA claims that its campaign is based on the best available scientific methods to prevent the further use of vaping products. With this in mind, The FDA is getting closer to reaching its goal of stopping the youth vaping epidemic.


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  1. Dakota 2 weeks ago

    Hello, Kaan,
    I Totoaly agree with your article. with all of the media coverage it is very obvious that these products are not good for anyone. this article goes into depth about the different issues associated with this if you are interested in viewing.

    I hope this was insightful,

  2. Kutay 2 weeks ago

    Hi Kaan,

    I totally agree about your ideas. Also I think they are dangerous for kids and teenagers so they should be forbidden.


  3. Sophia 2 weeks ago

    Hey Kaan,
    Obviously vapes are very dangerous and need to be banned. The juul CEO has even stepped down in this time of crisis ( I hope this gets under control soon before it does even more damage on teenagers lungs.

    Sophia Bartlit

  4. Maggie 2 weeks ago

    Hey Kaan!
    So to me it seems like your conclusion is the the Juul is indeed not cool. But what about the fact that it is keeping kids off of cigarettes? This article ( ) mentions that it isn’t safe but it may be safer? Any comments?
    – Best of wishes
    Maggie Harmston

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