Many a conspiracy theory was born when news of Jeffrey Epstein’s imprisonment reached the American public. A powerful financier running a pedophile island with connections to some of America’s most powerful elite, this was it, the key to pandora’s box that would open up the truth to the masses. Heck this man was even charged for conspiracy.  We all know what happened next. Fearful of a life in prison and more of his exploits being exposed Epstein hung himself in his cell, and that was the end of it all. Except here’s the thing, he didn’t hang himself, and this is only the beginning…

So here’s what we’re told happened: “Weeks before his death Epstein was found semiconscious near his bed with injuries to his neck…he was put on suicide watch after the incident but taken off shortly before his death”-Fox News. Then on August 10th it happens. Jeffrey Epstein is found hanging by the strips of his bedsheets in his cell, a few hours later he is pronounced dead. After the autopsy by Dr.Barbara Sampson ruling it as suicide. And that’s it, open and shut case of another inmate killing themselves rather than face a life in prison. It just so happened that this inmate had a bit of a higher profile. Oh, if only it were that simple, if only it were all one big coincidence, but alas it’s not. Now sit back, things are about to get juicy. 

The wonderful thing about autopsies is that you can commission more than one, which is exactly what Epstein’s Brother Mark Epstein did. Commissioned forensics Pathologist Dr.Michael Baden found three neck fractures described to be “extremely unusual in suicidal hangings” and “much more common in homicidal strangulation”. In fact these fractures (two in the larynx, one above the adam’s apple) are so rare that our trusted Dr.Baden states he has not seen them occur in any suicidal hanging during his 50 years in the practice. So there you have it folks, Jeffrey Epstein was murdered. By who? Well that’s a topic for another day. (hint, it’s probably the Clintons)

  1. Samuel 7 months ago

    Mr. Eggert,
    I agree with you that this is a very fishy situation. First the mainstream media labels it as a suicide, now the most recent news is saying that it looks like murder. The media is also being really weird about the whole thing. this source is talking about the autopsy and its making this thing even stranger.

  2. Noa 7 months ago

    What a wacky, silly guy. I never for a minute thought that Epstein killed himself and I’m definitely under the impression that he was killed in order to prevent him from spilling any of his dirty little secrets. One thing is for sure, this whole incident is crazier than a box of frogs.

  3. Gracie 7 months ago

    Hello Eggert,
    This article was absolutely captivating, definitely something I hadn’t thought about in the past and you summed everything up perfectly.

    I found this article that backs up your claims.

    • Author
      Eggert 7 months ago

      Thank you Gracie, very cool

  4. Roman 7 months ago

    I know he didn’t kill himself but I think it’s strange how people did even though it was obvious he didn’t. It’s especially intriguing that the cameras in his cell were turned off around the time he died ( ). Unlike most others I think Epstein’s still around hanging out on his island.

  5. Jimmy 7 months ago

    Knew Epstein didn’t kill himself. He gets put on suicide watch but ends up “killing himself”. The fact that the three neck fractures were found, clearly indicates he was killed. Clintons are back at it again.

    • Author
      Eggert 7 months ago

      Clintons are one possibility, it could also have been MI6, due to Prince Andrew’s involvement with Epstein

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