Author: Sophie

Does homework do more bad than good?

Homework can do both good and bad, but it seems to be doing more bad than good. The amount of homework students are assigned can sometimes be harmful. High-achieving high school students say that the amount of homework they receive leads to sleep deprivation, headaches, exhaustion, weight loss, stomach problems, and other health issues. Excessive homework can also lead to cheating.

Studies have also shown that low-income students have a disadvantage when it comes to homework. This is because they have less access to resources needed to complete their work. 41 percent of kids in the US live in low-income families. These students might not have access to items such as pens, paper, internet access, a computer, or even a parent or tutor that could help. They also might have to work a lot to help support their family which leaves them with less time to work on homework. 

Homework can also lead to alienation from society. Stanford University conducted a study that suggested that any more than two hours of homework every night is counterproductive. Some students who participated in the study reported doing slightly more than on average three hours of homework per night. It was found that spending too much time on homework means that, “students were not meeting their developmental needs or cultivating other critical life skills.” Many students felt obligated to put homework over many more important things occurring in their lives.