Prejudice and discrimination exist everywhere, and most of the people have experienced these before, or even in the current. Bias is that doing with the inflexible and irrational attitudes and opinions about another group, while discrimination is that behaviors directed against another group. In the article, American Psychological Association, it stated, “Nearly seven in 10 adults (69 percent) in the U.S. report having experienced any discrimination, with 61 percent reporting experiencing day-to-day discrimination, such as being treated with less courtesy or respect, receiving poorer service than others, and being threatened or harassed. Within this report, discrimination is reported across subgroups of adults, including age, race or ethnicity, disability, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity.”

In the beginning, the fundamental issue is on gender, which is especially deep-rooted in the old generation. In our society, females are doomed to be unequal to males in their lives; this thought has existed for a long time and pass on the next and next generation. Therefore, Women always suffer more prejudice and discrimination from this society and surrounding people, no matter in the past or the current. This situation has happened in most countries of the world. Fortunately, our community is gradually changing that women began to stand up and fight for their rights. They want to prove the statement “a male is always better than a female” is wrong by parading and protesting on the street then fixing the law for their rights. 

From the past until so far in the U.S., plenty of tracks except white, primarily black, have fought their rights, so do different faiths. In the article, All Discrimination Is Damaging, Regardless of Race, it mentioned, “Williams asked the participants about the types of discrimination they experienced and how they perceived this treatment. The majority, more than 90%, of all the participants clearly described their definition of unfair and unjust treatment and were quite confident that their past discrimination experiences were valid.” These discriminatory events caused frustrated emotional responses for all the participants, and this finding suggests that regardless of the intention or target of the discrimination, the psychological damage it causes is the same.

Although it becomes much better than in the past by marching, protest, and fixing the laws, prejudice and discrimination still exist in our society. The only thing we can do is to respect all the things surrounding us, even is unfamiliar to us, for we cannot compel others to insert our thoughts to them, which is too immoral. Therefore, we should make people aware of the inconsistencies in their own beliefs and direct them in the right way and thought to solve these contradictions and conflicts.


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