Abortion is often a sensitive topic to discuss. It is one of the most divisive issues facing our nation today. However, it is necessary to understand all sides of the topic in order to formulate a thoughtful personal opinion. Pro-choice and Pro-life both have very convincing arguments about abortion. 

People who are pro-choice believe that women have the human right to choose if they want to keep the baby or not. They believe that it is no one else’s choice and should be decided by the woman who is pregnant. They believe that is the woman’s decision when and if they want to have a baby. “Reproductive rights are essential for achieving gender equality”. They believe that “everyone should decide if, when, and who they want to have a baby with.”

People who are pro-life  means that they oppose abortion no matter what circumstance it is. They believe that “letting the baby be born is the only choice.” “Abortion is intentionally killing a human being.” This innocent human being does not even have the choice if they want to live or die. The fetus is considered a human and killing a human is wrong. The baby has a fundamental right to life and it needs to be protected, not taken away from them.


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  1. Abigayle 4 months ago

    Dear Kaya,
    I agree with your article in the fact that people need to fully understand both sides to fully make their own opinion. I think you could’ve included a little part about your own opinion and make it known to the readers why you think it is important to address this topic. You could also include information about the majority opinion of people about abortion and data about abortion. I found a site that might help include more information than just what pro-life and pro-choice is.

  2. Raynise Corion (Rayne) 4 months ago

    The writing of your article is great. I had to read it a few times to really understand how you feel about abortion. If you are pro-life, what are some things you do or think need to be done about babies who are given up for adoption? Even though some women give birth instead of aborting they still don’t keep the baby. They don’t always because they don’t want he baby, but because they can not look at the child. people who question abortion’s aren’t always there because they didn’t use protection or a complication. They were raped and they shouldn’t have to keep that with them. Which brings me back to my first question.If you are pro-life, what are some things you do or think need to be done about babies who are given up for adoption?

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