The first article is about how social media risks mental health. Cyberbullying is the main example used in this article. It’s now ten times easier to bully someone without having to do it in front of someone’s face. Many teenagers face problems like this every day. A specific example used in this article was about a 17 year old girl who was diagnosed with clinical depression because her classmates bullied her online constantly. Social media increases the chance of getting a mental illness such as depression, but on the other hand, it’s not social media’s fault, it’s our parents. 

The second article is about how parents cause teens to be more pressured and stressed about their lives. The author mentions that parents want their children to be nothing but happy, resulting in them pressuring their kids to get the result wanted. Teenagers, especially in high school, have a huge amount of stress from school alone. The parents add on to the stress by pushing them to do better and encouraging them to get nothing but good grades. The teenagers feel like the only way to make their parent’s proud of them is by succeeding in school. Another point made in the article was that kids often copy their parent’s actions. If a child sees his mother coping with alcohol then that child would most likely start to cope with alcohol as well. 

In conclusion, both points are valid. I do agree with the author in article one, that social media does increase mental illness risk, especially due to cyberbullying. It’s just that much easier to say something through a screen than to someone’s face. Another issue that arises from social media is that it lowers self-confidence. Everyone wants and expects to look like the models seen on Instagram. Although article one makes a solid point, article two brings up another important aspect of increasing the risk of mental illnesses. Parents do cause a lot of stress and pressure, which also increases the risk of mental illnesses. Teenagers strive to reach to their parent’s expectations, which sometimes can be extremely high, resulting in an unhealthy amount of stress. 


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  1. celia 2 months ago

    While I agree that social media can place unnecessary pressure on teenagers, I also believe that it can be used for good. Social media can provide a platform for people to find their community and make connections with others that they might not have the chance to make otherwise. I think its also important to note that social media when used in the right way can have a positive effect on others. This can be seen in body positivity accounts as well as in cases of raising awareness in current social issues. When it comes to solving this issue I think that there is a level of responsibility that both the user of the social media platform need to take, as well as the owners of the media platform.
    I was also a bit confused when it came to your point about how parents also add pressure. While I don’t disagree, I am wondering how parents are apart of the issue with social media?

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