School safety has always been important, but the recent outbreak of campus violence has brought the issue into the media spotlight and increased scrutiny of campus safety measures. So what should we do to make our schools as safe as possible? Although there is no foolproof plan, schools can take some precautions to keep students safe.

1. Specify a single entrance to your school

Having a secure single entrance is one of the most important factors that helps keep your school safe. When assessing the current level of campus security, the main entrance to the school should be the most carefully examined area. If your school has a quick response system, or video monitoring, so much the better.

2. Is there a (strict) tourist policy?

Another important part of a safe school is having a strict visitor policy that your staff are used to enforcing. The foundation of a good plan is to make sure that you know who can pick up your students and reject leniency at all costs. Your school can also decide whether contractors and volunteers need to pass a background check to enter.

3. Use visitor management software

Having software like Hero Visitor Manager to sign in your visitors is far more reliable and secure than manually written log files. Automate the process and move it to the cloud so you can keep a visitor log so you can see who’s on your campus at any time. This is also helpful in an emergency.

4. Do a background check

When you use visitor management software, you can do background checks on major government databases. This adds additional security and security.

5. Buy appropriate tools and supplies

With appropriate visitor policies, some additional tools and supplies may be necessary to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the program. Like badges that expire automatically, ink changes from black to red within 24 hours, and driver’s license scans help add additional security measures that save employees time.

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