A lot of embryos are killed in the process of IVF, however abortion is still more. IVF is often a procedure only available to those of high class and money. The procedure is also not included in the pro-life stance. Abortion is a procedure that makes people question the ability of a woman to make her own decisions, but the IVF procedure doesn’t have that same feeling. The Anti-abortion movement is focused solely on abortion, not IVF procedures. The IVF procedure is definitely an aspect of pro-life stances but some people cannot even afford to get an abortion, not mentioning the cost of an IVF procedure.

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Abortion isn’t always a viable option for those who cannot afford it. It is not available for those that are low-income to obtain an abortion. Women no longer have rights but have privileges with the money. The Hyde Amendment doesn’t allow for the federal government to pay for abortions unless she can prove that her pregnancy resulted from rape, resulted from incest, or would endanger her life. The opposition is that taxpayers that oppose abortion shouldn’t have to pay for abortions but it ignores the taxpayers who do need abortions. Abortions are a right and to have equality for all, women must have a choice to get an abortion.

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Although IVF procedures are included in pro-life stances, only rich people can afford such luxuries. If a person is unable to afford an abortion, then why should they be able to afford the cost of raising a child. Both procedures cost lives and money. It is important to not only consider the prospective child, but also the woman who has to go through a pregnancy. Both procedures should be more accessible to everyone to promote a woman’s right to choose. If everyone had access than women could actually choose what to do with their own bodies.


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