The author Becket Adams states in the article “Prayer Provides More Benefits Than Gun Control” that CNN anchor Chris Cuomo wishes people would stop praying for the victims and families. Leaving action for gun control up to God is unreasonable. The author claims and refutes Chris Cuomo saying that it is perfectly okay for people to offer up their thoughts and prayers to victims of mass shootings or gun violence. The author supports the claim/rebuttal by saying that these prayers are not to create a structure of laws to protect people from gun violence, or to “make the bad men go away,” they are to support those who lived through this trauma, and need support when some cannot offer it to them directly. Supporting the argument, the author states that prayer seems to be more useful than any creation of laws due to gun violence. The article pursues the idea for change. The author believes that change needs to occur to provide safety for inhabitants on our country. Since nothing has happened, people turn to prayer for reassurance and comfort. And if laws are passed, they are “certain to be futile,” and prayer has been more helpful to people who survived these events. 

I completely agree with this argument. CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo was completely out of line when he said that prayer is pretty much useless and unworthy of the citizens’ time and efforts. Prayer offers more than just an outlet to God. It offers a time or space to be with one’s self and with God. Furthermore, as said in the article, not only Christians pray to God. Many religions pray, and to have that be frowned upon is disheartening. Gun control is a major issue in our country today, and as we try to move forward into creating a safer environment for the future, thoughts and prayers are definitely acceptable from anyone. It is not cliche, or dumb, it is a way to spread awareness and kindess to someone indirectly. It is a very important part of our country, for it provides diversity and support for our country’s sake. Change may need to occur to provide safety and protection for everyone living in this country. 

Article one claims that prayer has provided more comfort than gun control laws have, and although this may be true, article two shows that gun control has saved lives by allowing citizens to defend themselves when needed. 

In the opposing viewpoint, the author John Lott claims in his article “Teachers Should Be Armed to Prevent School Violence” that to help protect citizens and deter crimes, possession of guns needs to be legal. The article talks about how Utah is enacting the idea of teachers carrying concealed weapons to help protect the children at school. The author says that this will only provide safety, and with the ability to carry concealed weapons, crime, attacks, and violence will decrease. His claim is supported by the evidence that in multiple victim shootings in the U.S. from 1977-1999, on average, “states that adopt right-to-carry laws experience a 60% drop in the rates at which the attacks occur, and a 78% drop in the rates at which people are killed or injured from such attacks.” Also, the author supports this idea by stating that newspapers intensify the idea of gun violence. With over 2 million cases where guns are used correctly in self-defense, most are never discussed. News broadcasts carried out about 190,000 words on gun crime in 2002 alone. The awareness of the utility of guns and how importantly useful they can be isn’t being advertised in our world, therefore, creating distaste for firearms. 

This article somewhat changed my position on the entire gun control idea. I thought that guns should be completely disregarded and taken away in society to help protect everyone. This article realized that by doing that, it takes away a form of protection, and we are taking away defense from our citizens not the criminals. The author states a valid point that by “increasing the probability that someone will be able to protect himself improves deterrence.” By giving people guns for protection, people can protect themselves from the high rate of crimes we have. However, I do think that background checks need to become stricter. If we want to give guns to the right people, we need to make sure these weapons are in the right hands. People need to be responsible with their freedom, and if they are, safety can be restored to our nation. 

Although our government can sometimes dismiss gun violence, which endangers many Americans every year, we need to understand that we need to provide safety and protection to the people who inhabit our country. 

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Source Citation   (MLA 8th Edition)

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CC BY-SA 4.0 Opposing Viewpoints: Praying vs Action by Tomas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Roman 4 months ago

    I enjoyed reading this paper. I must disagree though as I think thoughts/prayers do not do much. They do bring awareness but usually in what I see action isn’t taken with or following them. It offers peace but it doesn’t offer a change so similar tragedy doesn’t occur again.

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