I go to Judge Memorial High School as a senior. I have just recently started into Journalism and media and so far I have had a pretty good time learning all the basics of media production and journalism. I decided to take this course because I wanted to broaden my perspective on media and journalism and how it works, I wanted to learn how to edit interviews and actually do interviews. I think it will be important later in life to know all of these things in case I go into a career in the media or journalism. 

I feel like so far I have not gained a strong grasp of any of the important media and journalism tactics, but I am looking forward to learning more and more about how to become better at these things and hopefully become better at doing media and becoming a journalist. 

Some of the topics that I feel I am particularly interested in would be the study of poverty and and the study of the environment. I like to look at different things regarding our environment and the world that are considered very big issues at this time. I don’t have any specific person that I would want to interview but I would love to get many different perspectives on the climate and what people think of it and how they think it is affecting them. I hope to explore different types of media not just related to climate or poverty in the near future, if not then I would probably just focus on the environment but hopefully I can explore different things as well. Right now the only thing I have produced would be my interview with our Oceanography teacher Dr. Dasch. I talked with him about their trip to catalina island in October. I enjoyed doing this interview because I always heard about the catalina trip but I never knew a lot about it.


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