Who are you? What’s important to know about you as a journalist? Why did you decide to be a journalist?

My name is Sage, and I am a student at Judge Memorial Catholic High School. I first grew interested in journalism as I learned about having to find news sources that were reliable in 10th grade. When learning that many sources of news seem reliable, but can be fake, I was interested to learn how to find and create trusted news.

What are you particularly good at? How did you get that way? How do you use these skills in your journalism?

One thing that I enjoy doing in my free time, is editing. I love taking raw or unpolished footage and turning it into something greater, that others may also enjoy. I first learned to edit with a phone app, and the passion for editing grew from there. After learning basic techniques on the phone, I quickly was drawn to other more complex means. I saved my money for three years and was able to purchase my first computer, which I used for editing for the next few months. With my editing skills, I am able to take a story and add engaging visuals to accompany the story that it corresponds to. When I was younger, I and my friends created a youtube channel. Back then I didn’t want to be in the spotlight and was perfectly content with editing the footage. Now, I enjoy making youtube videos from scratch, with my own video ideas, as a one man group. I had a channel a while back that had 1,400 subscribers before I deleted it to focus on school.

What are a few of your burning questions? What keeps you up at night? If you could interview anybody about anything, who (or what type of person) would you want to interview? What would you ask? What do you think you will be writing about or making media about in the near future?

If I could interview anybody in the world, I would choose somebody who had a large political influence, such as the President of the United States, or a leader of a foreign country as I would be interested to learn of all the things that they do that the public does now know about.  I would find it fascinating to see all the things that affect the country while going unbeknownst to the common people.


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  1. Sadler 4 months ago

    First off, It’s cool that you got interested in news Sophomore year because I did as well, but I really only read it for the fake news and searching for half-truths. I still have a fixation on fake news or fabricated stories because of the amount of creativity it takes to make up and write those types of things.
    This is my senior year and heading into college one of my front runners for subject focus is computer science. I believe anything using editing or visual design is very interesting because there are many intricate pieces that go into that, not even considering coming up with whatever you record or design and procuring materials or software to do it all. It’s awesome that you actually had a popular YouTube account (over 1000 subs) and enjoy making that type of content. There’s so much you can do through platforms like that, and it’s a great way to spread information whether that be current events, DIYs or secret uses of mayonnaise.
    I was thrown off when you said you’d like to interview the President because I couldn’t process the amount of alien information he/she would be able to toss at me. When you clarified that it’s information the public doesn’t know, it seemed a lot more feasible. I’m sure the president is required to do so much more than laze around in the White House and sign a document every once in a while. What does our government hide about our justice system or medical experiments or meat packing industry? What about Area 51 or other conspiracy theories circulating the web? These are the things the media has yet to fully uncover or thoroughly investigate, and some of the most interesting topics to discuss, and the president is one of the best sources to do so with.

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