The immigration topic in the United States is something worth looking at . In the article President Trump’s Wall of Compassion by Rovvy Lepor, the main argument is that the wall that our president has advertised since the emergence of his presidential campaign is actually a symbol of compassion rather than one of division and hatred. The wall will not only control the influx of illegal immigration from the southern border, but it will also promote a wave of legal immigrants which, according to the author, will discourage the dangerous route many people take to enter the country illegally. The article is not anti-immigration, but rather anti-illegal immigration because of the threats it poses to the migrants themselves as well as to national security and U.S. citizens. Some argue that Trump is doing the correct thing when it comes to making and enforcing immigrationlaws, however, others argue that more so than legislation the issue comes down to an imbalance of power between the three branches of government. 

The second article I read, The president’s Extreme Immigration Powers by Matt Ford,  was about Trump and challenging the separation of powers. The author claims that the majority of the time Trump tries to pass any kind of executive order or impulsive rulings and challenge the order and separation of powers in the government the other branches are quick to shut him down. While the Trump administration has advocated for a stronger enforcement of already present imigration laws, the proposed idea of reduced legal migration through Congress has not been very successful. The author’s main concern in this article is the removal of temporary protection status to many Central Americans, removing almost 700,000 stable immigrants from the country. This, according to the author, grants far too much power to a single branch of government, the executive, and it is not correct to terminate TPS for so many immigrants. 

I think both authors make good points that are important to talk about. Primarily that immigration to the United States is an issue that needs to be taken care of. However, each author has their way of proposing a way to take care of the issue. The first author makes a good point about the safety hazards illegal immigration through the southern border poses. Eradicating any way to continue migrating through these dangerous routes could save the lives of many immigrants from Latin and Central America. The second author also makes a good point about the rationale behind these migrations, and although reducing the influx of illegal imigration is important, it is also important to maintain other ways open to people who need it the most. These include recipients of TPS and other programs that operate in similar ways to help those whose lives are already threatened by war and violence in their homeland.Although Lepor strongly argues that controlling illegal immigration will have positive results on future immigrants, Ford makes the point that it is of utmost importance to balance the power the executive branch has on immigration to ensure people who need it the most still have a way to access asylum in the United States. 

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  1. Jimmy 11 months ago

    Immigration is an issue that should be talked about and addressed. It is a misconception that Trump supporters and those who support the wall hate immigrants, when in reality, we want immigrants and accept them. They just have to go through the right processes and enter legally. We’re a nation of immigrants, but we are also a nation with laws. Immigrants are more than welcome.

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