This article is arguing how the ideology of Humanism works and is better for society than a    God. The author goes into twelve strong points to support this while also summarizing his main idea that Humanism is ultimately better for the human race as a whole. He goes through almost every main concern one has when the disbelief in God is brought up and does so in a great way. Each point is well articulated and makes sense using logic rather than going out on a limb with faith. 

In contrary to the thinking that Humanism takes a more science based look on things, the teleological argument takes a different approach. The author of this article is trying to prove the existence of God through the basis that due to the universe being an immensely complex and beautifully designed thing, there must be a “designer”. The author makes sure to explain how his use of the word designer in this context is not how we normally think of it, rather leaving up the question of its source. The author also uses scientific ideas to further their points for example with Darwinism. The main idea though is that the universe is so adaptive and complex that the only “logical” explanation is the works of a God.

In my own opinion, I side with the first article that urges for a Humanist approach to these topics. Humanism honestly is a more beautiful thing in regards to the fact that we are all each other have. The idea of coming together and using logical reason for the unexplainable is a more level headed way of doing things rather than saying its too complex for us, there must be an almighty creator. We need to give ourselves more credit I think. Although humanism is more science bases, the teleological argument also includes some science based reasoning as well. For example the author bringing up Darwinism. The human race is a beautiful thing and we should gather together in hopes of understanding our complex universe. 


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