1. Lola 11 months ago


    I really like your essay and the conversation it opens up. I think it is important to note however that although strides are being taken in the right direction, society is still skewed in a negative way. Earlier in your essay you said that people are not getting jobs because of their skin color but because of their ability to work. In several works including an article I liked below we can see that prejudice is very big problem and its not really going away. therefore job opportunity is still deeply rooted in a racism in our country that can’t be solved by a law but by renewing the way we look at people and making a change. I think it’s an important conversation to help our society advance.

    Best, Lola


  2. Alysa 11 months ago

    Jonah, your essay was very interesting. I do agree that the Equality Act is a great step towards equality for everyone and it “won’t be the last one to be passed, there will be more.” It is important to make sure everyone feels equal and accepted in society. I do feel that although America has taken a greater strive to equality, that people are still not all treated the same. Although it is not as bad as the 1900s, there is still inequality facing the nation. Women are still not paid for the same job as a man would be, which is disappointing. Hopefully, as you stated that there will probably be more acts, there will be acts requiring same pay for the same job no matter your gender. What inspired you to write about the equality in America? Similar to Brendon’s comment, I enjoy your apple image displaying how everyone can mix together. It creates a hope that eventually there will be equality for all where everyone will mix with no inequality. I like your essay because it starts with your opinion and ties into the act of equality and ends with a hope towards the future of how the nation can improve and relate to your image of the apples.

  3. Brendon 11 months ago

    Jonah, I really like your essay. You did a good job of supporting your claims with evidence from different sources. I also like your cover picture and how it has a hidden meaning. The apples are all different kinds and their mixed together, similar to how America is a melting pot.

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