There are many American values like personal control over the environment.  The environment has become a huge discussion today and how the government is trying to preserve it. Some  Americans say the government actually does something to protect it and others say they are not actually doing anything. Sixty-two percent of Americans say government is doing little to protect the environment(Qtd. Newport). Most Democrats say that the government should make the environment a priority. On the other hand Republicans say that the  government does enough and a little too much to protect the environment and that it will reduce economic growth in America, and people had supported the economic priority for a long time but in the past few years it has changed.

Many Americans saw that the environment was changing due to industrial growth, it caused air pollution in large cities. In economics, pollution of any kind is known as an externality, meaning that the people responsible can escape the problem but the whole society has to face the consequences. Many people, mostly environmentalists, believe that the government has to protect the environment  and regulate people from destroying the environment even if it meant sacrificing some habits that make our daily lives easier. The government established some regulations and systems that reduce the pollution. There is the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ). It was made during Nixon’s presidency. Its goal was to protect human health and the environment by setting regulations made by Congress.

 The government does protect the environment because they make regulations and programs to try and save the environment . When Nixon was president he made a program that was made to find ways to reduce climate change, preserve wildlife and protect our health. The EPA ensure that Americans have clean air, land, water, reduce environmental risks based on the available scientific information, clean contaminated land and toxic water with the help of the responsible parties. Review chemical before they can be used. They do this by learning about the environment and inform the people on the environment then set regulations to make sure that the environment is not destroyed more than it already is and also give grants to parties before resources are used.

 When people say that the government isn’t doing anything to save the environment they think it’s because they see that the environment is dying slowly but that is not entirely true because government has researchers that know our time on earth is about to end. The government regulate businesses on how they produce goods without destroying their surroundings. From the information we can see that the government is really involved in helping the environment more than people. Others may say that if they were really involved then today issue on the environment would not have happened but that is not  on the government but on they people who decide not to listen. The government does try to reduce climate change and greenhouse gases in the environment and also preserve wildlife and proper use of land and water, but they can’t just end it all, it takes money, cooperation and a lot of patience, it also takes us to do the little things that may make a big impact in the future. Since the EPA was created many more programs and agencies were made to protect the environment and our health like Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Environment Agency, Department of the Environment and Energy, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Animal & Plant Health Agency, and many more. So if anything it is quite obvious that the government is doing something to protect the environment but it’s the people who decide to not listen to them or procrastinate on doing something. 

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