To be American is to take part in your country, it is to support your country even when some may fight against it. Our culture is based on many others that came before ours. We incorporated a little from the Native American cultures, a little of the old British ways, and we added a little of our own ways. Every culture is based on the ones that came before them.

We as Americans value our freedom, security, and positivity. Freedom allows us to walk down the street whenever we want and buy products off of our supermarket shelves. Security allows us to know that our borders are protected. It also allows us to know that we will have a paycheck from our job that will allow us to buy the milk our family needs. We know the milk will always be on the shelves at the supermarket that we know is right off of the road that goes towards the house that we live in. Positivity is for when we don’t know if we will have our freedom or our security the next day. Without all three of these things working hand-in-hand, our society would be living in fear of what is to come.

In the Pledge of Allegiance, we end saying “… for liberty and justice for all” (The Pledge of Allegiance). Now we can interpret this in many different ways. Some may think of it as we have the freedom to do whatever we want and that they will always be protected. Others may think of it as how they are being oppressed because of the many rules they have to follow in order to gain their freedom.  This is why we, as Americans, value our freedom because there are others, both in our country and in other countries, who are fighting for their freedom and fighting to be recognized.


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