Who am I? I am a Cisgender Male my name is Wilbert Bernal Reyes, I am named after my dad and Reyes stands for “king.” I want to honor my ancestors: Herencia. I want to honor the power and roots of my family I want to honor their struggles and success. I honor their power by being proudly Mexican. And I honor their struggles by being proudly from Oakland. 

One part of my personality it being Ethnically Mexican and this is an assigned identity. It affects me because people think I’m an immigrant and they also think that I eat only Mexican food. They might also think that I should get deported because I’m not from the United States I’m from Mexico that’s what they think but I’m going to prove them wrong. My Nationality is both I have my papers so I am legal. They should not think that about racially Latino people cause the person that thinks that might get proven wrong by the Latin person.

Another part of my personality is being from the Dubs. It affects me because they think that I’m dangerous and that I have a dumb behavior because I’m from Oakland and from the murder dubs. Also, I like being from Oakland cause I was raised here and I don’t care what people say I’m going to prove them wrong Oakland can be dangerous at one point but Oakland can also be safe and other points. So people not from Oakland should stop hating on us just because they are not from here. We do not deserve the disrespect Therefore, I am proud of being Mexican and being from Oakland. The main reason for being Mexican is I love being an immigrant. The other reason is I like being from Oakland cause I was raised here. 

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  1. Aisha Aden 2 months ago

    Dear Wilbert Reyes,

    My name is Aisha Aden, and I am a student at San Jose State University.

    Wow! Your post was really powerful and inspirational. I liked how you want to honor your ancestors, and how you want to honor the values and success of many centuries. When you said, “I want to honor the power of being proudly Mexican” I thought that was a powerful statement. I know that these days are very hard on immigrants and being the daughter of one I find that I do struggle with not only being Somali, but similar to you I grew up in East San Diego and back then it was known to be a bad area, but my family and I pulled through. I find what you said about being proud Mexican and proud immigrant to be beautifully written. I want to say please always be proud, and never let personal opinions put you down. It said a lot when you proved to those who racially profile latino people, that here a latino person is telling you the truth, one should take it the way it is, that you are Mexican and American, and proud.

    Thank you

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