My name is Calaia Hoskins, I am an overachiever and a hard worker. I was born on September 25th, 2001. The most important thing that happened to me was back in sophomore year, when I wanted to commit suicide, and I had it all mapped out to the point where I almost died. My friends and family found out, and never gave up on me, they helped me until I was able to walk and talk on my own, they never left my side, not once. I have lived in Nashville, Tennessee, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Detroit, Michigan, Antioch, Tennessee, and Maricopa, Arizona.

In school, I like to write poems, and hanging out with my friends during lunch time, and train for my winter and spring sports. I am good at writing poems, writing stories, and helping people. Out of school, I like to sleep, eat, exercise, cook, bake,and go to work. Particularly, I am good at dancing, singing, track, softball, and a little bit of basketball. I got this way by practicing, training, and exercising everyday, pushing myself to be better. 

In the survey, I’ve noticed that I strongly agree with a lot of things dealing with gangs and gun violence, because I have friends and family members who were victims. There was a time where a friend of mine and I were walking to the store and someone decided it was funny to shoot a trash can near us, but ended up missing and killed my friend. This is important to me, because we can save millions of lives just by speaking up and taking action. I believe we can.

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  1. Anna 8 months ago

    Hi Calaia,

    I find your story very moving and I am glad you were able to receive help before it was too late. I think that this shows the good that humans can do if we show each other compassion.

    I was wondering what causes you to move around so much. Is it something that has to do with your parents’ jobs? I have never moved out of my home state of North Carolina, but wish I could travel more often. I have never been to Michigan or Tennessee.

    I find it really cool that you write poems. I’ve always really liked to read poems, but I could never find a knack for writing them.

    Anyways, keep pushing forward and working hard. I know you will be successful in whatever you choose to do!

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