Author: Julia

Intro To Me

  1. I am not the typical teenager in High School senior to say the least. While everyone else it worrying about getting college applications in I’m worrying about studying for my college class midterm.  I was born a year later than most people in my grade which puts me on the younger side of everyone. I’m pretty used to being the odd one out in classes due to my being deaf in my left ear so I felt fine going into a harder college class as a sixteen year old. 
  2. I have been a swimmer ever since my parents took me to baby swim classes. I started competitively swimming in middle school and I have been ever since. I have usually done best in my literature and writing  classes and they tend to be easier for me to grasp than most of my other classes. Other things I love include photography and music but they are both outside of school. 
  3. I feel like mental illness is so common now that people feel less afraid to tell people about theirs. At least half of the people that I am close to have some form of mental illness. There’s less stigma around it because of how increasingly common it is becoming and some people of higher status are coming out and saying what mental illness they have and how they cope. Feeling like you’re not unnatural or weird for having a mental illness is important because it helps you know that you will be okay.


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