Hello,I am Raynise Corion most people call me Rayne. I am 17 years old. I am a senior In hIgh school with a very full schedule. An important thing to know about me as a journalist is, this is my very first time in a journalism class. I have never thought about being in journalism. Until my friend who is now co-editor-in chief told me about It  when she had joined. Since this was my last year I decided to shake it up a little. I am really good at making friends or quickly becoming part of a group and writing a lot. Being able to make friends helped when I first got in the class because I needed to know the people I was working with.It also comes in handy in an interview. Many people have told me that I am easy to talk to. I am pretty sure I was born a friendly person. I also like to believe that it is my spirit that people see and are drawn to.  When it is time to write an article I am quick to think that I cannot do it. But when it is the night before I have to turn it in, I am quick to write and end up writing too much. I never liked writing or reading when I was young, so it was a shock to hear people say that I wrote too much. A burning question that I have that keeps me up at night is : Why am I still awake? I’ve been awake all day, why can I not sleep right now? I would interview a sleep specialist, because I know that I’m not the only one who can’t achieve REM sleep every night. My question would be why can’t people who have been awake all day and aren’t diagnosed with insomnia able to sleep at night? In the future I think I will look back on life and still wonder why I couldn’t sleep? I will most likely be somewhat the same, just more mature. I don’t really write on media or post what I have written on the internet, so I’m sure that won’t be a problem.
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  1. Xander 8 months ago

    Hey Raynise, My name is Xander and I’m from Judge Memorial catholic high school. Im on the new media staff at judge, which is also a journalism class that does the same kind of thing your class does. I would like to send you an article on why people can’t sleep even if they don’t have insomnia. Here is the link to the article (https://www.helpguide.org/harvard/medical-causes-of-sleep-problems.htm).

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