In this assignment, we were asked to write a poem for someone or something. For my poem, I wrote a letter to the north pole. When other people read this poem, I hope they will realize we will need to change.

Dear North Pole,

You are a bitter, colossal place

You are home to the Polar Bear and the Walrus

Your snow is mushy and your ice is dense

They say your dense ice will thaw

They say your creatures will pass away

They say icebergs will liquify

But no ones going to shatter your homeland

No ones going to poach your animals

No ones going to heat up your land

By Gryphon Mitchell

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  1. Emma 7 months ago

    Gryphon, awesome. I really loved how you addressed the North Pole. In my opinion you captured the the pole’s essence perfectly. I also liked the exigence behind your poem. You mentioned that you hoped other people would read the poem realize that we look after the North pole. I felt like you capture this when when you wrote about the North Pole’s characteristic would fade away. It first I was confused when you were almost reassuring the pole that no one would hurt it. What did you mean in lines 5-10. forgive me if I interpret your claim wrong. It seemed you were saying people say that the North Pole is going to suffering from the realities of climate change, but people will not accept any of the blame.. Politicians, governments and company’s refuse to acknowledge that their impact in current issues is detrimental to Earth’s most precious landscapes and organisms. Your poem opens up a deep reflection and discussion for your readers. I am interesting in hearing more about the meaning of the poem and listening to your take on climate change.

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