Dear people of the Hawaiian Islands,

You are a 5.1 million year old rainforest,

You are as bumpy as a volcano,

Visitors excited for coconuts, pineapples, and dolphins,

Dear people of the Hawaiian Islands,
I want to tell you about your beautiful oceans, 

That sunrise you wake up to every morning, 

Don ́t flood,

 I want to go again,

Dear people of the Hawaiian Islands,

They say that you might go underwater,

And that I will never see you again, 

They say you will suffer from earthquakes

And your islands will split in half

Dear people of the Hawaiian Islands, 

No one is going to die

No one is going to suffer

No island is going down

Dear people of the Hawaiin Islands,

We are protesting and standing up for your rights,

We are trying to stop companies from killing our planet

We will rise and stop evil companies from ruining this amazing world

Dear people of the Hawaiian Islands,

You thrive with other countries together

We are fighting for change

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  1. Brendon 8 months ago

    Vinicius, I don’t live in Hawaii, or anywhere close to it, but based off of everything I hear about it, it must be a beautiful place. This poem is very good and I like how you started off early saying how incredible Hawaii is. Then later on you transitioned into explaining the issues and challenges that Hawaii is facing and having your call to action. I also really liked your last line “We are fighting for change.” I think it is simple yet powerful. Our planet and taking care of it is a big topic right now and this was a really good way of showing how you can take care of your own state.

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