Dear Earth,

I’m sorry

I’m so so sorry

I’m sorry that we’re losing our chance for change

I’m sorry that no one cares enough do so something

I’m sorry that our islands are going underwater

I’m sorry that our coast is sinking

I’m sorry that our icecaps are melting

 I’m sorry that our trees are burning

Sorry that our animals are screaming in agony

Sorry that we refuse to listen to their pleas

Sorry that we’re putting the fate of humanity on our children’s shoulders

Sorry that the weight is too much

Sorry that our backs are going to break

Sorry that we’ve stripped your resources down

Sorry that we all seem to have given up

Sorry that we’ve not given this world even a chance to survive 

Sorry for doing everything… And then for refusing to do anything at all…

I’m sorry…

 But I shouldn’t have to be…

 We shouldn’t have to be,

Because we are not part of the tratorus, tree chopping, root ripping, smoke starting companies trying to turn your beautiful outstretched limbs of branches reaching for the sun, 

into the green pieces of paper we put into our pocket 

Because we are not the politicians putting money into restoring a church that burned down,

And not the rainforest burning to the ground as we speak, tearing down homes, trees and our hopes for a better future…

But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost,

 At least not yet

Because we’re not giving up 

At Least not without a fight

Humanity’s been in tough spots before

But we’ve found a way through it 

Because if you haven’t noticed, we’re resilient

We don’t give up

And we never back down from a fight

And right now, we’re fighting for you

And we’ve fought for so much just to be where we are now

So I know, 

We’re going to be okay…

We’re not going to win this war without losing some battles,

But we’ve already lost too many and I refuse to lose any more

And I refuse to believe that the Amazon could be come at least 60 percent dessert 

I refuse to believe that our ice caps are going to disappear

I refuse to believe that the ocean is  going to drown us

I refuse to believe that temperatures will rise so much they break out thermometers

I refuse to believe that there will be an excess of droughts

I refuse to believe that there will be more intense heat waves

I refuse to believe that there will be more devastating hurricanes

I refuse to believe, 

I refuse to believe, after you gave us a 1 in 1,000,000 chance to survive, 

 We did, 

And we might just throw that chance away


If you don’t give up, then neither will we


  1. Kheriya 2 months ago

    Dear, Meghan your poem is heart touching. As reading this it made me more and more interested. This was very inspirational. I love the vocabulary you used. The emotions in this poem really get to the reader what you were feeling while writing this.

  2. Danny 4 months ago

    Hi Meghan,
    This is an awesome poem and I really like it. You describe plenty of things from interesting views that I have never thought about before. The earth is the gift for all human beings, but we have still ruined and destroyed too many from the earth. Your poem reminds us to cherish what resources and materials we have in the current and not to do any damages to the earth.

  3. Asnica 7 months ago

    Hi, Meghan
    I love this poem! while I was reading it, I was nodding my head because it’s so true. We really need to help the Earth so we can keep living on Earth.

    Wonderful job!


  4. Gedeon 8 months ago

    Great poem! I liked your use of repetition. It brought consistency and focus to the poem. You allowed the reader to relate to your ideas and appeals especially with the use of “sorry” and ” I refuse”. It demonstrates your care for our plane and your current stance. You also included specific problems in your poem, which the reader could specifically relate to and better comprehend the issues at hand. You could also add a link to an non-profit organization looking into potential solutions that others can also partake in by donating.

  5. Ella 8 months ago

    Hi Meghan!
    I loved your poem! A couple months ago I read another poem, I think from your same school, that talked about saving polar bears. I loved it. I feel like you even took that one step further, talking about saving everything. If more people in our planet had this mindset, our planet would be so much better. All of your points are valid and it is so scary to think about all those risks happening to our planet. When you talked about the ice caps melting, the ocean drowning us, etc. it hit me. More people should find this and read this because people need to know about the risks and solutions there are to global warming. I think climate change is the biggest fear happening today, and more people need to try and help out our dying world. This website shows even more solutions: I can’t wait to see what you write next!

  6. Horyna 8 months ago

    Meghan, I absolutely love this poem. I really resonate with the emotions you expressed. It is extremely frustrating to watch as our climate becomes increasingly mild and temperatures begin to rise. It is frightening and I think you portrayed that very well with your words. I too hope that we will be able to turn things around and that humanity will be able to survive this, but we must do something soon. Have you thought about some policy solutions for climate change? If not, I think you would really enjoy Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Green New Deal ( ). Your poem is extremely well done! I loved how to you tied in real life events such as the burning of Amazon in comparison to the burning of Notre Dame. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future!

  7. Tomas 10 months ago

    Meghan, I think this poem is very interesting. The way you set up the poem was truly inspirational and moving. The way I see it is that the Earth is here to be our gift, it cannot do wrong, however the people who are supposed to cherish it put it through irreversible damage. We have ruined so many things that the Earth has offered us. We need some change and it needs to start now. I try to do my part as an individual, but we need a complete movement across the world to create a change. These changes affect people, animals, and everything in between, so why shouldn’t we fix the issues. I have researched ways to fix these global environmental changes, and here is a good link to see for yourself: Your poem perfectly displays this current event, and you make it very personal which adds emotion to your claim. I would love to see more poems or other work in the future.

  8. Luka 10 months ago

    Its really good!

  9. Author
    Meghan 10 months ago

    In this assignment, we were supposed to make a version of the poem “Dear Matafele Peinem”. In my poem I decided to write about how the earth is being affected as a whole. But I also tried to keep forests, and more specifically rain forests in the back of my mind so I made sure to at least touch on them. I want this poem to convey the idea that even because we’re part of the problem, we have to be a big part of the solution.

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