My name is Cecelia Batton and I am a ninth grader at J.H. Rose High School. I like to hangout with my friends and play tennis for school. My Mom and Dad are divorced and I have two brothers named Chappell and  Ashby. I also have six other step siblings from both of my parents getting remarried. I only started Journalism a couple of weeks ago but since then I have learned so much. I decided to be a journalist because it was something new for me and I had never written anything that people, other than teachers, were going to read. 

I am good at sentence structure and making inprovements to my papers when people tell me tofix things. I am very good at taking constructive critisism because I am not very sensitive and always want to make my work better. I use these skills in journalism because when somebody makes a revision on my article I do not take it the wrong way. I make the corrections and use that to make sure I don’t make those mistakes again.

Some of the burning question I have is about our world and the ancient times that nobody knows exactly what happened. I want to know the history of our world to a T not only what historians think they know or have guessed. Some things that keep me up at night are mostly about the future, like if I will grow up to be rich or poor, have a good life, or even what job I might have when I am older. If I had to interview one person in the world, it would probably have to be Ghandi because I would want to know his opinion on the world today and how much it has changed since he died. 

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  1. Kheriya 4 months ago

    Dear, Cecelia
    I am wowed by your post. I love how you are trying to start something new, not all kids want to do poetry and study the past. Something that stands out to me is when you mentioned Ghandi. I personally look at him as a inspiring individual that the world still needs today. Something else that stood out to me is when you talked about yourself first before just jumping into your post. Thanks for writing. I look forward to seeing what you post next.

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