I am from a dark orange house 

on Rue Sylvia Ponlonge

where a natural breeze 

entered through big open windows.  

I am made of watching all the people pass by below me

 and the noisy school children in red and black uniforms playing on the street.

I am made of intelligence and determination

I am made of a big stage

Where I could see people looking at me

My friends screaming at my name 

“Chelsie! Chelsie!”

I am made of taking pictures and have

a good time with my family and friends

I am made of telling my parents most of my things

Like “I have a 22 in science”

I am from a family who prays together

I am from my mom who always says

“Be careful with your actions”

I am made of going to Prospect Park with my friends

I am made of exploring gigantic trees and attractive lake

I am made of lading on the grass and let the sunshine in my face

” How peaceful”

I am made of given advice to my friends

 I am from receiving advice from strangers and my parents

“Choose your friends carefully”

“Listen to your parents, ok”

I am made of respect my friends for who they are

And their beliefs


CC BY-SA 4.0 Who I am… by Chelsie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Ethan 1 month ago

    This piece did a very good job describing who you are and what you enjoy. When you said “I am made of watching all the people pass by below me

    and the noisy school children in red and black uniforms playing on the street.” I could relate to that because when I was young I would look out my window and watch people walk by on the street. Good writing.

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