My name is Sarah Porter, and I am a senior at J.H. Rose High School. This year, I have had the honor of being named one of the editors-in-chief for Rampant Lines. I have been in journalism since the spring of my sophomore year.  I decided to take the class because I was looking for a community. I loved writing and wanted a place to get involved and get to know people who shared the same interest as me. What kept me coming back each year were the friendships I formed with everyone as we all worked together to reach a common goal. While I was nervous in this class at first because it was full of experienced upperclassmen and qualified editors, journalism is the class where I found an interest that I am truly passionate about: collaborating with others to produce a school newspaper to inform the student body of current events in our school and community. 

I feel that journalism has strengthened my ability to collaborate with other people. The first time I was in the class, I was very shy and afraid to give people feedback. However, my section editor helped me to grow out of my timidity because she was always there for me. She answered my questions, helped me revise my articles and let me share my ideas. As the semester continued, I saw so much growth in my personal skills. My editor taught me some of the most important lessons I have ever learned, including how to work well with others and give helpful feedback to your peers. When the first newspaper was printed, I felt like part of a team. Journalism made me feel that I was a part of something bigger than myself, and it also influenced my way of thinking and ability to work with people of all different backgrounds. During my junior year, I returned to the class determined to make a difference. I was chosen as a co-editor for the features section, and I hoped to teach the students as much as my editor had taught me. Being an editor meant I had the final say on choices of the section. This challenged me to become a leader and learn how to collaborate with many different people. One of the times I remember recognizing my growth was when one of my writers was struggling with her article. She felt that everything she wrote was too brief and had no purpose. I sat down with her for a class period to exchange ideas and work with her to revise her article. After a few days of hard work, her article improved and was published in the newspaper. This was a milestone for me because I learned how to work with others and help them grow, just as I had. To me, a newspaper represents more than just providing information to the community. It represents hard work, collaboration and learning to cooperate with people of all beliefs. Journalism taught me many things about myself. I have learned that I am an accepting person, and I am willing to work with all people no matter what differences we may have.

Some of the topics I enjoy covering the most are people’s stories. I love to write for features because it allows me to highlight a person’s accomplishments and passions. One question I always find myself asking people for the stories I write is “what advice would you give to people in your situation?” I find it fascinating that each person has a different background and a different story that I hope I can somehow tell through my writing. I am curious to learn from the people I interview and get their insight and advice on life. I believe every person can learn something from the people we come into contact with, no matter how different they may seem from us. I am grateful to have the opportunity to meet and interview so many new people in journalism. In my future, I want to continue to write about people’s stories and get to know them for who they really are.

  1. Annette 6 months ago

    Dear Sarah,
    Your journalist bio is well-written and speaks to a wide audience. Your experience as a timid writer is something that I can relate to, and something that we can learn and grow from together. I think it’s awesome how you enjoy collaborating with others and how you appreciate each person’s individual background and opinion. It seems to me that you are going to accomplish many wonderful things in your work in the “Rampant Lines” and at your school, so keep being you and making a difference! You inspire!

  2. em 8 months ago

    I love your how real and eloquent your writing is. I feel like I have fairly strong idea of who you are and what you value as an individual from your writing. And based on your honestly and fluidity of your writing piece, I can tell you have put many hours of hard work into polishing your skills in Journalism. At the end of the day journalism is about pushing yourself to explore and grow in ways you had never thought were possible. Striving to improve, connecting with others and corroborating with creative thinkers is what unite journalist. This article explores the importance of the ability to work and learn from other to create better work and strong relationships.

  3. Kalson A Yussuf 8 months ago

    Dear Sarah,
    I love your bio, it represents you as whole it shows how you got into journalism and the progress of your writing. Though out the piece I was really engaged, which is really good you should always have the reader be engaged throughout your writing. I have been in journalism for almost two years now, and I keep progressing which is very exciting. I can’t wait to see more of your writing.

  4. Murphy 8 months ago

    Dear Sarah,
    I am very impressed by your post, “The Sweet Life of Sarah” because it reveals a very intimate aspect of your growth as a writer. I was also interested by your passion for writing and journalism expressed in your post.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is “I feel that journalism has strengthened my ability to collaborate with other people.” I think this is very relatable topic as journalism has helped me grow likewise. Journalism strengthened my communication skills by requiring me to work with others in my section and be open to peer feedback.
    Another sentence that I admired was “I believe every person can learn something from the people we come into contact with, no matter how different they may seem from us.” This stood out to me because it demonstrated your desire to learn from others and grow in that.
    Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. When I first came to journalism, I was very shy and wary to give feedback on others’ articles. I was not a very strong writer but I was excited to learn. Through journalism, I was given examples and tools to improve my writing and because of it I am a stronger writer and leader at school.
    Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because your writing is very honest and provides a very interesting perspective to writing.
    Murphy Fisher

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