I am the ferry. I go to Manhattan because it is my job everyday, because I have to take people to work on time.  I am beautiful because people feel comfortable and satisfied because they arrive faster than the train. Watching the landscape, the sunset, sky, I think I am the happiest ferry that exists because the people on board feel good and they arrive safely at their destination. When it rains, people cannot enjoy the beauty of nature.  I am a means of transport so that people arrive on time to their jobs every day. The rocks are like my protectors and my security because they tell me where I have to go.

Rocks by the river

stones water skies bridges airplanes nature in one place
is all I need to meditate I look at the sky and I start to meditate 
I start thinking about my future 
ask God for another day of life and take care 
of those who are no longer with me
they are in the sky birds I think the stars are them 
and they left a deep pain in my heart this place 
is not only a park but for me it means peace and tranquility
where I feel myself I forget the problems for a while


CC BY-SA 4.0 My Beautiful Neighborhood: Castle Hill Park by Joshua is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Edwin 5 months ago

    Dear Joshua,

    I really like how u express your point of view in this writing.

    I like u put urself in the place of the ferry as if the ferry was writing.

    I like that u took the picture in the night that makes the photo deeper.

  2. Oscar 5 months ago

    Mi bro metiendo mano Honduras en la casa papà💙💙🏆

  3. Samil 6 months ago

    i like you poem

  4. Renee 6 months ago

    HI Joshua,

    I love your poem about the ferry and the river!


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