My name is Emily Schmidt, and I am one of the editors-in-chief of my high school newspaper Rampant Lines this year. I joined the journalism staff at the start of my sophomore year. Knowing that I had a knack for writing, I was excited to try something new and give the class a try. I started off as a staff writer, but was later upgraded to a copy editor, then the chief copy-editor, and eventually ended my first semester in sports, as a section editor. Last year I had the privilege of writing and editing in the features section, which prepared me greatly for my role this year. 

I take great pride in my ability to truly listen to others. I am attentive and I actively make efforts to understand. As a high school journalist, one of my favorite things to do is to conduct interviews. Everyone has a story. My high school is filled with an incredibly diverse group of individuals with powerful stories, and in asking the right questions, you can catch a glimpse of those beautiful stories. In listening to others, I have developed an ability to profoundly tell a story. Throughout my time in journalism, I’ve written articles about classmates struggling with familial deportation, addiction, and teen parenting. In these stories, I have the opportunity to gain new insight into a population of individuals who many of us often unfairly disregard. With every story comes a new opportunity to broaden my own scope of knowledge and understanding, and I absolutely love that about journalism. 

I often find myself wondering about the future. From questions like “Will cancer be curable one day?” to “Will time-travel ever be a real possibility?” to “Where will I be in ten years?” my mind constantly questions what the unknowable and unpredictable future holds. Right now, as college is beginning to enter the picture, I often find myself wondering about the more immediate future as well. As I stated before, I love telling stories and I am a firm believer in the fact that everybody has a story. While I would love to interview some incredible and revolutionary women such as J.K. Rowling, Malala Yousafzai, or Michelle Obama and ask specifics about their journeys to the present, I appreciate and value every interview that I have now, no matter the person and no matter their background. This year I am writing in the entertainment section, and I am excited to review up-and-coming trends in the media, music, and food industries. As an editor-in-chief, I am also ready to continue writing, learning, and inspiring others to appreciate the power of telling stories.


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