I, too,sing the song of “another teenager”

I am the age no one wants to be

They send me to my mind that is sometimes to loud to think

But I try to block out all the noise

And push through the rest of “YoUr” today

And float into “mY” tomorrow


I’ll be at my calmest state of mind

When another singing heartbroken teen comes.

Nobody’ll dare

Say to me,

“Oh it’s because you’re 16 you don’t know what love is”



They’ll see how much or how little someone can take

And be bluntly astanished by the walls we create around ourselves to block out the ones who do love.

I, too, sing the song of the heartbroken teen.


By: McKayla Tomczak

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  1. Kheriya 4 months ago

    Dear, Mckayla
    I am amazed by your poem because you are right, everything in this poem is true. Its true when your a teen everything is different for you. You get doubted. One thing that stands out for me is, “Oh because your 16 you don’t know what love is”. This stands out to me because this is true they think love can’t be possible at this age but it absolutely is, you are capable of anything at 16.
    Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you write next time in relation to this.

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