My name is Olivia Grubb, and I am an editor of the features section for the school newspaper at J H Rose High school. As a journalist, it is important to know that I have only been writing journalistically since last year. However, I have already learned so much from my peers and have been able to grow as a writer. I decided to be a journalist because I wanted to expand my writing abilities and see what being a journalist was like. 

As a journalist, I am good at being able to form angles about how a story should be written. When I wrote my first feature story, it was a spotlight on a teacher. At first, I just listed interesting facts throughout the article and it did not have a meaning that people could relate to. However, my editor at the time taught me about how to find an angle on the person/story and shape how to shape a story to fit that angle. After being taught these skills, I can find angles for stories and help others find them.

Many thoughts go through my head at night, whether it be thinking about a test I have coming up or something that happened during the day. However, the one thing that tends to keep me up the longest is when I start reading and thinking about conspiracy theories. Even though I do not believe many of them, they cause my mind to wander and reconsider a lot in life. One theory that interests me is that some people believe that every time you think you hear someone call your name but no one is there, it is your family trying to wake you up from a coma. To learn more about this, I would want to interview someone who is very educated in this theory as well as a medical doctor who would be able to supply medical evidence towards comas. To go along with this, in the future I see myself writing about current events that are full of personal interest. 

  1. Grant Humphreys 5 months ago

    Hi olivia

  2. Emma 7 months ago

    Dear Olivia, I love how you introduced your interest in a specific theory involving comas then expanded it into a story idea. It would be a cool piece. I am also happy to hear that you are learning a lot in the short year and half of journaling. I’m curious what kinds of stories are you most interested in writing?

  3. Elliot 9 months ago

    Hi Olivia, I think journalism is a key concept in this country. Good journalists are the difference between an educated and uneducated population. And if people are educated we can elect better people to lead us into the future of this country and the world. I am not sure about your coma conspiracy theory but I think if that really was the case then we might all be still sleeping.

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