My name is Sadler Smith. The only time I enjoy writing is when I’m writing, and once I get started on a story or essay, it’s very hard for me to stop before it’s done. I have been part of the Rampant Lines newspaper since sophomore year, when I began as a staff writer for the entertainment section. The reason I joined was to take a class that was lighter on workload, but more meaningful in its work and active outside of classroom activity. As a junior, I was promoted to Entertainment Editor and worked under and alongside my senior editor on the pages and edits. Senior year I have kept my position and have taken on more of a leadership role, managing the page designs, dates and distribution of workload as the new senior editor.

My strengths as a writer are mainly information barfing, varying my styles, and using more advanced humor in a way that flows with an article. I’ve always naturally been good at just tossing ideas into a paper and making them sound good regardless of whether they’re actually of quality. This helps me fit easily into the journalism community because the jobs of the writers is to take all the information they can find for their article and then make it sound good and appeal to their readers.

For some reason I tend to go through some sort of existential crisis every week. Something in my life triggers the questions of why and how we exist and what we’re living for, which leads me to thoroughly analyze the questions until I get a headache. This and various conspiracy theories are what mainly keeps me up at night, aside from my cell phone and homework. If I could interview anyone, I’d interview my future self. I’d like to know what I thought about my life overall, when it gets easier, what types of new challenges I will go through, and who I should keep in touch with and who I should not. I am considering joining a college newspaper, of course that’s depending on where I go and how quick I adjust to course load but I think it would be fun and an interesting way to develop and exhibit my writing skills.

  1. Russell 8 months ago

    Dear Sadla :

    I am deeply excited about your Sadler: King of Barfing
    ,” because… I am excited about this article because i love Sadler Smith a lot, i think his article is very intresting and exciting because the life of sadler smith is VERY intresting, i love how he puts in the slightest of details to make his article amazing

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: I would like to interview my future I think this is intresting because i never have heard anything like that before, i never would think a person would like to interview himself, just pretty cool

    Another sentence that I liked was: the sentence were you explained that the future is what keeps you up at night This stood out for me because… it relates to me alot because i have those some questions

    Have you seen this new study about the future of rocket ships and space travel? I thought you might be interested in this because of… how this can relate to the questions of what the future could hold, i think the success of space travel may contribute to how are futures will do

    Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because… i really like your personality and your writing, i also think you are a very diverse person who has no faults and i want to see your opinions on certain topics.

  2. Cameron 9 months ago

    If journalism is something you really enjoy then continuing it in college is the right decision. It could be a great part of your resume if you see yourself going into professional journalism.

  3. Emmy 9 months ago

    That’s great how you have worked up the ladder in journalism! I also find my self in a manic episode of creativity… starting something and then not being able to stop haha! Except, my passion is painting rather than writing, I find it gives me a good outlet when I am spiraling down the tunnel of existentialism. It sounds like journalism gives you a great sense of purpose and I think you’d be well suited for it in college!

  4. Anna 9 months ago

    I think it’s really cool how you would interview your future self.

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