My name is Russell Exum, I go to J.H. Rose High School, I am a competitive swimmer and I like to play other sports and I like to play video games. As a journalist I am a staff writer for the sports section of Rampant Lines at J.H. Rose High School, I’ve been writing for journalism for two years. I decided to become a journalist because I read a lot of news on my phone and thought it would be interesting to see and learn about what goes into making a newspaper.

Something that I am particularly good at is managing my time. I got this way due to the stress of having a hard high school classes while having to go to swim practice every day. I use these skills in journalism by making sure to get my article done on time so that my editors don’t have to be affected if my article is late or even affect anyone else. I also use these skills in journalism by doing what I need to do for my article like interviews early so I have enough time to use and change my article due to doing my interviews early.

Some burning questions I have as a person are what else is out there to explore and see what is next in my life, will I be successful in life. A things that keeps me up at night is dying. It really scares me that someday that I will die and I honestly don’t know what will happen once I die. A person that I would like to interview would be a person that many people do not know about, a quiet person that really doesn’t want to talk to anyone would be a good interviewee because it would be different types of answers than any other typical person. I do not plan to write in my near future but if I ended up being a journalist I would probably write for a news network.


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  1. Charlie D Leo 4 days ago

    I think your idea about interviewing someone quiet or antisocial is interesting. These people sometimes have really interesting aspects of their lives and are great for stories. If I were you I’d probably reach out to a few and become friends with them so they feel less uncomfortable when you ask for an interview.

    Also, dying’s pretty scary so I get that.

  2. Jack 1 week ago

    Unreal headline! Sports doing it big!

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