Until now, the issues in the invasion of the Robachicos remind me of something that is very popular in my community, which is when people come from other states to live where they enter school and there is always a conflict with the popular because sometimes they face each other to see who is the most popular the first one to get a boyfriend but he doesn’t think about the people they hurt he reminds me of this because the theme of the book is about people who want to have a boyfriend at all costs and I realized that if to be the most popular you have to have a boyfriend and be very pretty, it is not worth it if people love you for what you seem and not for who you are, it is not worth it, there are more people who can Accepting yourself as it is and not, no matter how it looks, being popular at the cost of your actions does not make you a good person. If you could choose to be a super popular person but you had to hurt other people’s feelings or if you could be a good-hearted person without worrying about being popular, what would you choose?


  1. Amani 11 months ago

    Nancy, I would Want to be a good hearted person to be honest. I would rather be a good person and treat others as special as possible based on their values. I as a person would want to be treated with kindness and honesty. I would rather have people love me for me and what my values are versus not knowing who I really am. I really liked your post because this reminds me of what every high schooler goes through. As a high schooler today I can assure you I go through this a lot especially my freshman year.

  2. Natalia 12 months ago

    I would choose to be a good-hearted person! I like to be accepted and appreciated by people who value my kindness, hard-work, and compassion. If someone doesn’t accept or appreciate me, but they don’t know how I truly am, I don’t really care. So really, I try to be a good person; I don’t try to get people to accept me. I think acceptance will naturally happen.

    I really enjoyed your post because I need to be reminded of what a lot of young people go through. I forget about the pressure youth feel to be accepted by their peers.

    Do the characters in your book understand what you and I think?

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