My name is Matthew Carroll, this is my first year doing journalism. I decided to take journalism this year because a friend wanted me to take it with them. I am not a very experienced journalist and am learning the flow of things. I have enjoyed journalism so far and will continue to take journalism in high school.

I have always watched a lot of sports. I played baseball when I was little up until I was 10 years old, and then switched over to lacrosse and have been playing since then. My parents got me into sports because they played sports when they were young. I am currently in the sports section for Rampant Lines so I enjoy writing articles on sports.

One burning question I have is what was it like when my parents were my age, and did they do the same things I do. What keeps me up at night is when I watch a scary show and try to fall asleep right after watching it. If I could interview anyone on anything I would interview Charles Cornwallis about his battle techniques on the revolutionary war.

  1. Dylan 10 months ago

    Hello Matthew! I too also have some trouble sleeping after watching horror movies! Here’s an article on why people have trouble sleeping after watching horror movies:

  2. Sam 10 months ago

    Hey Mathew, I am definitely in the same boat as you when it comes to watching horror movies! Here’s an interesting article I found about why people like watching horror movies:

  3. Joey Kaplan 10 months ago

    Hi Matthew! I think it’s cool that you can’t fall asleep after watching a scary movie because I can’t either. Here’s some stuff about Charles Cornwallis;,_1st_Marquess_Cornwallis . He’s pretty cool I guess.

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