My name is Jack Hastings and I am from Greenville, North Carolina. This is my senior year at JH Rose High School. As a journalist I wrote for the news section in my freshman and sophomore years and this year I am the editor for the sports section. My freshman year someone told my mom how great journalism class is and that I should definitely take it. During my freshman year, journalism was by far my favorite class. I enjoyed the family feeling the class had and I knew it was a class I had to continue to take. 

I am particularly good at eating food and I like to consider myself a hard worker. I am stubborn about getting the task done and I never quit until I get my job done. I am a firm believer of putting We above Me. These attitudes help me succeed as a journalist because I always work to put quality work to make the team look good. 

Everyday I have this burning question inside me. Where can I get the best cheeseburger in Greenville? I constantly lose sleep over all of my options. Is it Cubbies?  Sup Dogs? or maybe it’s Jack Brown? Because of this burning question I have crowned myself “Beef Chief”. This is a video segment where I will go to all the cheeseburger restaurants in Greenville, and score and review the shops. This segment will answer my burning questions, so make sure you stay tuned for “Beef Chief Meats…” for quality content. If I could interview anyone in the world it would have to be my fellow food reviewer Guy Fieri. I would ask him about the favorite places he has ate all throughout his years of reviewing food and where has been the worst places he has eaten. This year will most likely be my last year writing journalistically, due to college and career hopes, but for the remainder of this year I would continue to write my sports articles and shoot to make sports the best section in the paper. 

  1. Sam 9 months ago

    Hi Jack, my name is Sam and I go to Judge Memorial Catholic High School. I’m on the new media staff here and from what I read in your post it sounds like my class is much like your journalism class. Anyway, I was doing a little searching around the internet to see if there might be an answer to your question. Turns out, google might have you covered! Here’s a link to the highest rated joint that I found in case you want to check it out.

  2. Katie 9 months ago

    Hello, I was looking into some of the best Burger places in Greenville and LTO Burger Bar sounds really good! I hope this helps you get more sleep. Here is a website where you could check it out.

  3. Sarah 9 months ago

    You should so do a story about this. Go around places in Greenville and rate different places and thier food. I found this website that might help

  4. Anna 9 months ago

    I can’t wait to help Olivia edit your videos. Beef Chief will reign supreme.

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