Hasta ahora la trama en Explores the world me recuerda también que en el Amazonas también se está quemando igual como dice el libro.también dice que si se acaban los árboles del amazonas mucha gente podría sufrir por falta de oxígeno. También me recuerda  a los animalitos que están muriendo quemados por culpa nuestra. También nosotros necesitamos de la naturaleza para tener una vida más bonita.


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  1. Samantha 2 months ago

    Dear Jocelyn:

    I’m surprised by his post, “Explore the world,” because this title is very important to me. This is something that everyone should be informed about what happens with the Amazon. It is very sad that the animals that live there are dying.

    One sentence he wrote that stands out to me is: “if the trees of the Amazon are over, many people could suffer from lack of oxygen.” I think this is horrible because everyone will die and nobody does anything. It is very sad that other people are not interested.

    Thanks for writing I hope to see what you write next, because for me this title is very important. This is what I want to hear to be more informed. I want to do more about this so people want to hear.


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