so far, the themes in Dinosaurs  remind me of another text. In Deynonychus both is in the family from theropoda are similar but are different because the velociraptor lived in China, Mongolia and the Deinonychus lived USA Montana Wyoming their dies mainly of small animals their form hunting was in a group when they wanted hunting big animals they weight was between 40 and 50 kilometers but if they have hungry can to run faster between 50 60 kilometers both lived during the cretaceous era.

  1. Tiffany 10 months ago

    Hi Alejandro,
    I really enjoyed your thing about dinosaurs. I personally am I big fan and wish I could have one as a pet. The only thing I would recommend is making it a little longer and add some more facts. Other than that, it’s perfect! I hope you write some more pieces about dinosaurs!

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