So far, in the Asiatic section in THE GLOBAL KITCHEN reminds me of something I saw. Is similar because in the section that I am reading says that in some places in Korea make tacos. When I read that the korean people make tacos I was surprised because I think that in America is the only continent that made tacos. But the tacos in Korea are a little different because they make tacos in a grill and the book says that are delicious but I am not sure about that.


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  1. Alejandro 1 week ago

    I am impressed by your post Korean Tacos :’O,’’because…korean people make tacos I was surprised because I thought that the korean only cooked korean food is interesting one sentence you wrote that stands out for me is:’’ America is the only continent that made tacos “ I think this is interesting because… now we know that in other parts from the world make taquitos con su cebollita y cilantrito y su salsita
    Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because… because always you tell about food and the food is my favorite thing in this world but you can increase your stomak.

  2. Dorothy 2 weeks ago

    Hi Rolando, this is very interesting. I have never heard of Korean tacos before either. Is the fact that Koreans make their tacos in a grill the only difference between their tacos and American tacos? Also like you said, I was expecting them to taste different. Have you tried them before?

  3. Natalia 2 weeks ago

    Hi Rolando,
    Do the Korean tacos use corn tortillas? What goes inside a Korean taco? I know Korean food is very good so I would be interested in trying it.

    Ms. Navarro

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