By: Angel Gutierrez Solorio

The objects in my Shadow Box represent my faithful self, my counter narratives. When people look at me they see a cool young man with dark hair and brown eyes. While these assigned identities are true they do not tell my true personal story. I included crucial objects in my Shadow Box to represent counter narratives of each of my important parts of my self identity. I included my toy cars, Rubik’s cube, Legos, Money, food, and finally extraordinary grades to show that I’m educated, and proud to be part of the Mexican Ethnicity and American Nationality. Our president brainwashes people to think Oaklanders and Mexicans sell drugs and guns so he can give the power to the upper class. For me, identifying and expressing myself as a Mexican American makes me feel empowered, liberated, and fearless to overcome the oppression I’m going to face in the future. It was also significant to include objects that represent my dominant narratives. These objects represent what people assume about me my Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality. Just because I’m a colored Hispanic people believe I have imperfect grades or that I don’t belong in America which is wrong because I’m a American Citizen who does care about education. Since I’m Mexican and from Oakland people believe I’m a dangerous criminal who like to sell drugs and kill people. Even though there have been tough times in my family involving criminals my predecessors have always tried their best so I wouldn’t end up on the streets, killing, and going to jail. While many of these objects represent my struggle, they also represent my strength, and most importantly my life.


CC BY-SA 4.0 My Life Shadow Box by Angel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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