Falling in love

Have you ever fallen in love? I mean really truly fell in love. Well, I have, at least I got as close as I could. I fell in love with dance. For as long as I can remember the feeling of throwing your head back and just dancing is the most incredible feeling. You feel as if you’ve transported to a whole new world. Now that may sound cheesy, buts it’s completely true. The accuracy, skill, and precision it takes to be a dancer is unreal. 

Many people think you need to have the training to be a dancer, but you couldn’t be farther from the truth. A dancer isn’t defined by how many classes they take or the teachers they have, it’s about the drive and dedication to commit to something with such a passion. To dance is to feel that every worry you have, is erased. And in the moment of bliss, you feel nothing but the overwhelming feeling of happiness.

I started dancing when I was around 4 and if you didn’t know, dance is pretty expensive. My mom tried to keep me in classes, my dad wouldn’t pay and my grandma helped a little.  Eventually, I had to quit. I was so sad but I tried to understand as much as I could. Then I got an opportunity to do gymnastics/dance at a local club at school. It was completely free, so my mom was on board. We would meet after school and at the end of the semester, there was a performance. And then and there is where I fell head over heels for the love of my life. Dance. Now that may be the corniest thing I ever wrote but I couldn’t be closer to the truth. The way I feel alive when I perform… It’s the most amazing and perfect feeling imaginable.

From then on I watched Youtube videos and watched dance moms so I could analyze the dance and copy it. I would stretch and practice every day. My mom watched me and saved up all year. So that Christmas I got a letter saying I was going to be able to take dance classes for the whole year.  

After years of this, I was 10 and going into sixth grade. I didn’t have time to dance anymore. And in seventh grade someone made a club for a middle school dance team, it re-introduced me into the world of dance which I had been missing for so long. It felt like I was home and exactly where I was supposed to be. When I started the first day, it was like I was finally reunited with my true love. 

This year is my second year on the Starlette dance team and first on the Star Light elite team. I can’t explain what it feels like to have such a strong team bond and feel an overwhelming amount of support at your disposal. I have so much stress from balancing school and my family,  that when I put my dance practice uniform on it’s like everything that is my stress just peels off. Dance is the one and only thing that does that for me. 

Every year the Starlette dance team pairs up with the Akins Diamond Dazzlers for a Friday night lights experience. Last October was my first year and the most amazing performance of my life. And it wasn’t because my dancing was perfect, it was because during the middle of the game it starts to sprinkle, and then as we start to walk out on the field it just starts to pour. The rain is hitting us so hard and so fast, our hats would fill up with water and then come back out after we would turn. But dancing in the pouring rain, on a football field in front of hundreds of people was beyond compare the best performance of my life. And after the dance was over and we marched off the field, it hit me. “ I don’t even remember dancing” But it’s not that I didn’t dance, it’s that my body took over when it was time for me to dance. 

Many adults say “you’re too young to be in love, but I don’t care what happens because it’s just meant to be. And I’ll spend the rest of my life dancing because that’s who I am. A girl that fell head over heels in love with dance. 




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