The question I had was “should employers be required to pay men and women the same salary for doing the same job?” I chose this question because there have been instances in the past and even continuing into the present that women are not paid the same as men but are doing the exact same job. Take for example the NBA and the WNBA, “Men in the NBA get paid 49-51% of the league’s revenue, while the women in the WNBA are only paid about 22.8% of the league’s revenue.” ( To make a living in the WNBA, most players have to play overseas during the offseason to supplement their WNBA income. While they are fighting for the treatment to be equal it is important to note that these women are not fighting for the multimillion dollar contracts that are very common in the NBA, they are just asking for a little bit bigger piece of pie to make a living. 

The same goes for the USWNT. These incredible women have been known for a long time to have been fighting for equal pay within the league. According to “”, 28 women that are a part of the USWNT are suing U.S. Soccer seeking equitable pay and treatment. The USMNT is paid much more than the Women’s team, but the women’s team competes exceptionally better than their malecounterparts. The women’s team has won 5 gold medals in the last 6 olympics that has held women’s soccer. Even the female coaches are paid less than the male coaches of younger and less competitive male teams. 

Thankfully, in a more regular workplace, there are laws that should be protecting this from happening. It is called the Equal Pay Act of 1963. This law protects against wage discrimination for both men and women.

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  1. Stella 10 months ago

    It feels insane that two people doing the exact same thing can get paid different amounts. Why is equal pay even a question? And its the same for soccer players, and so many other professions.

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