Winter is the coldest season of the year, not a lot of people enjoy the cold season. But me? I love the cold season. You watch the snow fall, or so I’ve seen in movies because here in Austin it doesn’t snow, but I enjoy the feeling of the cold breeze against your face making your nose red and when I breathe, I can see my hot breath in the air. I had a soccer game once and there was ice, I would run and a piece of ice would hit against my eye but I would remember how after my soccer games we would stop at 7-11 to buy hot chocolate and it was the best thing. Winter also makes me want to watch movies in a long sleeve shirt, pajama pants and fuzzy socks. I like waking up and opening the door and feeling the cold breeze come in from outside and hit against my bare feet.

Christmas! Spending time with my family while we watch christmas movies is something I enjoy. In the winter you experience this silence in the streets that makes you enjoy being outside in the streets. Also christmas music is the best kind of music. As Well as being able to enjoy tamales, menudo, pozole, and champurrado. There’s no bugs around in the winter season,  that’s a pro for everyone. Another big advantage is winter break we get two weeks off of school and we get to spend it at home with our families. I’m always looking forward to Christmas and New Year because this is the time when family from Mexico and Houston come over to spend the holidays with us and im always meeting new family members, I get to hear the amazing stories from Mexico.

Also let me mention that there is cuter clothes for the winter so you can go out and buy clothes and keep buying clothes because all the winter clothes are so cute, but let’s not forget how you have to wear a sweater so maybe the shirt isn’t as important as the sweater but you can even get away with messy hair because you’re usually wearing a hoodie. We can’t forget that when its cold you get to sleep with more blankets which makes your bed even more comfortable but it also it makes it harder to get out of bed.

Winter makes people generally happier people you can feel the christmas spirit you see more kindness going around I believe that this happiness must come from all the lights hung in front of the houses and the decorations at every store that you enjoy while they play Christmas songs. It makes your soul light up and makes you have this feeling of wanting to help others. In the winter season there is also more activities you can do for example ice skating altho I haven’t tried it it is one of my goals to go ice skating on day. Another big part of the winter season is going to the trail of lights, you get to experience the beautiful display they set up every year. Last year was actually my first time ever going and it was really fun, everything was really pretty we also took very cute pictures but it was so cold that while we were walking, we were in a huddle to stay a little warmer. 

I will tell you one thing though that just like every other thing winter has its cons. For example, I do not miss my hands being numb to the cold and not being able to feel my fingers while buttoning up my uniform shirt. Also with the cold comes lots of sicknesses, and I for one hate being sick. When I’m sick, I don’t want to know about anything or anyone I just want to lay in bed until I’m better. Another big thing is that during soccer if you get hit with the ball it hurts more and it leaves a red mark on your skin.jOne thing I really dislike is that here in Austin it doesn’t snow so you don’t get to experience the full winter season because there’s no snow, I would love for it to snow in Austin. Also when there’s ice outside it takes longer to get somewhere because you have to warm up the car and take the ice off the windows. Despite all the cons I love winter season and it should be all year long! I feel I make more memories in the winter than during the summer and it makes me happy that this season makes other people happier and kinder because this world needs more kindness and a little more holiday spirit.


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  1. Joselyn 8 months ago

    Dear Liz vazquez:
    I am happy with your post “La Temporada de invierno es mi temporada” because a mi tambien me gusta el invierno porque tomo chocolate caliente.También me gusta por que puedo estar en mi cama con mis cobijas viendo youtube.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “me alegra esta temporada”creo que esto es emocionante porque viene el tiempo de navidad de pasar tiempo con tus seres queridos.También porque después del frio podemos ir a las montañas a la nieve.

    Gracias por tu escritura espero ver lo que escribes a continuación por qué me gustó mucho tu escritura. Habla sobre el tiempo que te gusta a ti y es unos de tus tiempos favoritos.

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