I sat there, my back hunched, and my glasses reflecting the light that was coming from the monitor in the dark room.The pc was on and was starting to heat up. I could spend hours like this and not worry about sleep and the hunger that was slowly building up but, I knew better than to not sleep and eat for a silly game. I said goodbye to my friends and logged off, it was my time to leave this cave. 

I spend most of my summer afternoons like this after I finished my chores. Video games are huge in my house, my brother was the first to get infected and me being the youngest followed his footsteps and got into them. Anything to do with technology my brother would know and again I would fall into this crazy lifestyle with him too. Our first console was the Microsoft original xbox. That console was holy and I thank the man who gave it to us. We played harry potter, mortal kombat and many more games. 

Months passed and we eventually got bored of it, our parents later bought us a ps2. Guitar hero was a banger. We rocked on and lived our lives but of course my brother and I would fight over it. I would want to play some dinosaur games and he wanted to play sonic. Ps2 was really fun and we would take it with us whenever we would travel. We took it with us to Houston one time and when we were traveling back this drunk dude crashed with us, it was a big accident. Our car was useless and our ps2 was in the back and someone had stolen it. 

We didn’t have any sort of console for a while after that incident. I came to realize how much of a life a 7 year can’t have. Everything started sinking down on me, I was extremely bored. No, I did not wish to just play outside. No, I did not wish to watch tv, I just wanted something to game on.

That dream came true when the DS was first released. Those very attractive colors that were awfully stereotypical, pink and blue. We stayed and pulled an all nighter in Walmart to get our hands on those. I realized how much these games controlled my life but I didn’t care. I enjoyed playing and nothing would stop me.

These consoles shaped me and my personality, I would spend my time playing and would get judged by other adults as to why a pretty little girl my age would want to play these boy games. My brother would get gifted Pokemon games and violent games while I got dora and barbie games. I would question what was so wrong about letting me play but of course, I still continued. I got my glasses by the end of the year and the beginning of the 1st grade. My vision was weakening and I was one of the few kids who had glasses at that age. I did not care. 

Many many years of this continuous cycle and here I am. My vision got worse, I am into various games and I got to the age were my brother trusted me enough to play on his pc. My mom was not too fond of this idea, she thought that a young lady should not spend all her time on the internet. My brother didn’t mind, he lets me download new games and we have a schedule so we don’t argue over who gets to use the pc. This is me. 

That’s how I got to the current me, playing continuously, hours on  hours non stop. My back hunched for not sitting correctly and my elbow aching from me leaning it on the chair. I talk and laugh loudly as I play with my new friends. They talk with me and joke with me and never judge me, they can’t, they don’t even know me. I joined a group chat and talk with them on the phone for hours. They all make me happy and they are all my family. My personality grew intensely with them around and they are like my counselors at points. They guide me and are good role models. 

I would like for the world to see that maybe video games aren’t as bad as they make them seem, they have shaped me into the person that I am today and I love me. I love videogames and that’s not going to change.


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