Feel the flow


Have you ever wondered why we’re here? why we exist? I often find myself thinking about this, but I can never come up with the right answer. Life is too complex and difficult to understand. Like a maze that has many turns and twist but you can never find the right exit. That being said, the meaning of life is different for everyone. So is there a key that will help you unlock the mystery that is life?


So let’s all start with things we left undone

So we could see what else in store for us to just do something fun

Each story you may write will need an ending, cuz knowing what your in for is dumb.

Go out your way and feel like you believe that you could fly up to the sky while landing’s no option you see. 

Just like a fantasy will come to be, I’m sure your story will be just as unique

Go pick up the pace while we go on and on to chase our dreams

It won’t take long ‘till you will treasure all the times, where you’re glad you didn’t give up.

C’mon C’mon, go on and be someone

In this, story, your feelings keeping your mind busy.

C’mon C’mon, go on and be someone 

Hop on, aboard, let’s write our story a never-ending

When will it all intertwine to be one…

Big story, well we will never know.

‘Cuz our story, is endless don’t you know?

Fiction by Sumika  


Our future is not set in stone, we can change it accordingly to the way we live our everyday lives. “That’s life for yeah, for every up, there’s a down. For every yes, there’s a no. Every coin has two sides. Otherwise put, everything has it’s flip side” ( Flip ). I used to be very shy, completely opposite to what I am now. This all started when I entered kindergarten. Before I used to feel the flow but then the only flow that I feel was the flow of tears. My first year of school and I already felt invisible to the world and afraid of being myself. But look at me now, I’m scared of many things but being myself isn’t one of them.


Can you hear my heartbeat?

Tired of feeling never enough 

I close my eyes and tell myself that my dreams will come true

There’ll be no more darkness when you believe in yourself 

You are unstoppable 

Where your destiny lies, dancing on the blades you set my heart on fire

Don’t stop us now 

The moment of truth 

We were born to make history

We’ll make it happen 

We’ll turn it around 

Yes we were born to make history

Born to make history

Born to make history …

History Maker by Dean Fujioka


We choose how we want to live our lives. Yeah, we may have a little help from our friends and family, but we are the ones that make that choice. I choose to feel the flow and high five the sky. I’m not afraid of being myself and spreading my wings to take off flying. I’ll take a chance of forgetting yesterday and chasing my doubts away. Because I won’t ever let them break the fire within me. After all my future is still deep inside me. And my dreams won’t die if I high five the sky. Because we were all born to make history.



In my opinion, we are all born for a reason, whether it is to change the world, or just to make someone smile, we all have a purpose in life. Sometimes that purpose can be clear as day, or it can appear when you least expect it. In the meantime, I believe we should treat life like a game, a game that has many turns and twists and no right answers ( cuz who wants to be tied down by society these days). To be more specific the game of life. Because life is like a mystery, “a mystery is just a puzzle, a puzzle has pieces, pieces fit together. But how? And what is you don’t have all the pieces, or the box that tells you what the puzzle is even supposed to look like” ( Flip ). We have to go out into the world and figure it out ourselves. After all, that’s what makes us human.


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