Over the past few decades, there has been a noticeable change in Climate change. Although climate change is one of the main environmental issues worldwide, there is not a fix solution or explanation for it. So many factors play into it that it would be impossible to have a set solution.

Climate change is not an immediate threat to this current generation. But based on its trends, scientists have found that the future generation will suffer the most from it. It might not seem like a problem because this current generation does not experience its effects, but those trends will tremendously impact those future generations in the next few decades.

Those trends are caused by a lot of things we humans do. One specific example of this are greenhouse gases induced in the atmosphere by humans. Recycling, ocean wastes, and other minimal activities contribute to this mass phenomenon.

Climate change was not such a dominant issue in the previous years, but due to recent human activities we have seen trends that have helped scientists predict its impact. There are various ways to help lessen the effects of climate change, but just being involved in this campaign is a crucial step in order to accomplish this goal of leaving our future generations in safe era.


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