By: Yamilex Martinez

My Identity 

This shadow box represents my autoethnography. it contains different objects from Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico and Puebla Mexico and all over Mexico and my parents and two of my sisters were born there. There are two  pictures: 1 being my family, my parents and siblings and nephews and niece and the other picture is my family that already passed away to a better life where there’s more peace and where they’ll be more happy. I also included a mini bottle of tequila because there a city in Mexico named Tequila city. It’s a small city full of joy and laughter. There is also a mini pot in Mexico and also sometimes here in California Moms or Grandmothers make Frijoles, mole, caldo de pollo , or maybe just some rice. This blue CANTARITO represents a cup that a lot of people use for champurrado or Arroz con Leche. This Jara is a water jar that a lot of people in their houses they have for water or a fresh drink some people in America do not really use them as much. Picture number two has my entire family I love my family, especially my big sisters and niece because we are close and I love my big sisters and niece, I also love my brothers even tho my oldest brother i haven´t seen him in some time its all G because i will always have him with me in heart and in thought.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Yamilex´s shadowbox by Maribel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Maria 4 months ago

    Hello Yamilex,
    My name is Maria 🙂 I really love your shadow box, even though I don’t know you personally I think it captures who you are perfectly. One thing I especially the fact that you added the little mini versions of the jara, cantarito, etc. not only added a cute aesthetic for your box, it also demonstrated how beautiful day to day Mexican life is. I was kind off shocked that you added pictures of your loved ones who have passed away because I personally I would probably would’ve never thought to put them on the shadow box. Overall, I really loved the seeing your shadow box and reading your explanation.
    I just have a question, does the rosary have an important significance on your identity?
    Thanks for sharing,
    Maria T.

  2. Emy 4 months ago

    Dear Yamilex,
    I am ecstatic by your shadow box because you talk about your family a lot and how much you love them and i think some people don’t notice or thank their family a lot and to see someone do that is touching to the heart. Also because the way you state your words is loving and truthful. One part that stood out to me was when you still mentioned your family that has past away. It seems like you put your heart into it.

  3. Mayu 4 months ago

    Hello, I am Mayu Wise from San Jose State University. I really love your shadow box, it is very well created and includes many things that has a background to it. It really expresses your culture and it is very interesting to me because I do not know much about Mexico. Your description about each of the items is something I didn’t know about so I was able to learn from your shadow box! I am the only child, so it must be so nice to have siblings, and I could really tell you love and care for your family!

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