My Truths

By: Yadira Bugambilia
I don’t have many objects in my shadow box, just images of my family and friends. It might seem plain to others but not to me. Friends and family are all I really care about. I don’t have many hobbies; I just go on my phone and play video games. There are many Dominant narratives of me that people have. Some may be that I’m a drug dealer, have bad grades, or that my hair is fake, that I am mean or nice. There are so many dominant narratives for me that I am not aware of because everyone has different narratives for people by how they perceive that certain person and their race. Some may be true and some false but my Counter narratives show who I really am. I am Black and Mexican, nice, and funny, there are so many assumptions of me but I am the person who chooses who I want to be. People may not see that because of the dominant narratives people say about me and how I should act. Not many objects are shown in my shadow box, and that’s because I don’t have many objects with sentimental value and I’m not a crafty person.

  1. Maggie 7 months ago

    Hi Yadira,
    I am Maggie, a student from San Jose state university. I love how you mentioned family and friends means the most to you because I think that’s very true and I feel the same as you. It is great knowing that you ignore what other people assumed you based on your race and just really being yourself.

  2. Denisse 7 months ago

    Hey Yadira,
    I am Denisse, an 18 year old attending the university of San Jose. I really admire your shadow box and description that you wrote! I like the way you incorporated your family into it, making them the people you honor the most. I complete agree with you family are the most important people we should care about, there no others like them! The thing that stood out to me the most from your shadow box was the Mexican colors you created from the flag that is really creative, to include your roots. I am Mexican as well, and have the same dominant narratives as you. Everyone thinks that all Mexicans are drug dealers, rapist, dirty, and here to make America a bad place, but that doesn’t identify all of us. I am really glad that at your age you know that all these things don’t belong to everyone and you know who you really are. Just keep in mind not to pay attention to everything they say about us, ignore them, and keep being yourself in every way!

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