The objects of my shadow box represent who the true me is. My chosen identity and my counter narratives define myself from the dominant narrative that some people have. My assigned identity doesn’t let me do what men do because of being female and with this sometimes I feel blue and I try to get the blue out by making drawing. But I can’t because blue is my favorite color and for me it represents the sky and the ocean. I have always wished to be a hummingbird or a turtle after I die because they are free with no rules or asked from what Race they are or where they come from. But, for now, I need to enjoy my life and I enjoy it by making bracelets/jewelry even though I have the blue problem. I’m worried for another problem like immigration because my parents are Mexican but I’m not. I respect where they come from because they are solid working people that don’t want to cross the wall. They need to be in the U.S but some people with dominant narrative don’t let them be free with their chosen identity. This shadow box shows who I am in my true words and objects not as dominant narrative. People say negative comments that are not true so this is my shadow box to fight against them and some quotes I hope you love. 

  1. Christopher 9 months ago

    Dear Areli,
    I love how you were able to open up and talk about a topic so dear and personal to you. I found the part where you talked about feeling blue and wanting to be free extremely relatable. This Shadow Box really allowed us to peer into your life and learn about you. Thank you!

    Christopher Tan

  2. Natalia 9 months ago

    Hey Areli! I am a student at San Jose State University! What caught my eye first in your shadow box was how you displayed the jewelry you’ve made. I connected to your assigned identity. I truly understand how you feel that our assigned identity doesn’t let us do certain things as Men because we are Woman. I also really enjoyed that you displayed your art tools within the box. It showed me that you are a true artist not only because you displayed the art tools but because you also included your artwork.

  3. Yuliana 9 months ago

    I’m a student at San Jose State University
    I found interesting how you started off talking about how your identity doesn’t let you be the person you are to explaining on what you want to be when you pass away to the ongoing conflict that is said about immigration. I really enjoyed how you transitioned.

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